Mapping potential fire and flood hotspots BEFORE they become full emergencies is what 3 Points brings to our client communities.

911 community mapping enables highly detailed and accurate maps that integrate with existing 911 and emergency response software, ensuring correct and rapid response times for remote communities.

Archaeological and Cultural Mapping

3 Points uses advanced drone technology to document and preserve culturally and historically relevant artifacts, wrecks, hunting grounds and communities to educate current and future generations.

  • Traditional Lands mapping
  • Artifact imaging
  • Advanced three-dimensional archaeological mapping

Agricultural and Natural Resource Management

  • Agricultural monitoring and measurement to support precision agricultural practises
  • Multi-spectral coral reef and coastal zone fisheries monitoring
  • Natural resource identification and mapping
  • Real time climate change monitoring

Photogrammetry and Thermal imaging

3 Points employs the latest in integrated photogrammetry and thermal imaging systems for mapping missions that result in high resolution 3D images that also determine the thermal properties and features of any object of interest. These technologies are non-invasive, non-contact and non-destructive.


Multispectral cameras capture wavebands of light that are both visible and invisible. This innovative technology provides tremendous insight for the protection of sensitive areas, crop and plant health and large scale environmental assessments.

We employ advanced multispectral technology on both topographic and bathymetric projects