PITCH PLEASE – Pegasus Imagery: Autonomous Data Collection at Scale

Pegasus Imagery: Autonomous Data Collection at Scale


Jun 7, 2021

Ep #019 – Climate change and natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity, Pegasus Imagery is tackling this through their unmanned aircraft and sensors to better protect our environment, economy and communities.


On this episode we are joined by the Founder and CEO of Pegasus Imagery, Cole Rosentreter and Expa Investor, Dylan Itzikowitz.

Pegasus Imagery builds and deploys advanced aircraft and sensor solutions to solve industry and government challenges at scale with the safest unmanned aircrafts in the world. They provide real time access to actionable intelligence that their customers can use for a multitude of purposes such as insurance, government contracts or apps building Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Support Pegasus Imagery if you are a company that uses large regular collections of data visit them at Pegasusimagery.ca.

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You can find Dylan by emailing him at dylan@expa.com or @ditzikow on Twitter.

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