Winnipeg, Canada, Aurora Aerial is announcing its participation as a new member of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem, a consortium of companies dedicated to the advancement of drone technology and development of regulation. Aurora Aerial is a Canadian custom drone manufacturing solution that develops hardware and software technology. Based in Winnipeg, the company was formed in 2018 by entrepreneurs who have a combined 50+ years of expertise in commercial aviation, from flight schools and airports to cargo airlines. Some may claim to have experience in drone manufacturing, delivery, and research; Aurora Aerial does it every day. From the beginning, Aurora has collaborated closely with regulators, Advanced Air Mobility ecosystems and academic research institutions. For example, the University of Manitoba and Aurora Aerial have developed student coop programs and internships. The company also has a collaborative relationship with the university’s academics in industry research, which allows Aurora to tap into more sources of innovative thought, often reaching across industries to spark new ideas.

Today, Aurora Aerial specializes in last-mile delivery with payload solutions up to 14kgs, and is already operating in Canada in partnership with GoFor, Rogers, and Valqari. Aurora is also collaborating with Singapore’s AirGo Design to develop lightweight standardized drone components for the industry, which can help increase the payload maximum weight while still staying within Canadian regulatory parameters (currently sitting at 25kgs – both drone and payload together). These types of partnerships form the basis of what the Drone Logistics Ecosystem is really all about – collaborative innovation.

AURORA AERIAL CEO Alan Tay said, “The Drone Logistics Ecosystem is the industry’s way forward, and is going to shape the world. We know that now is a critical time in the development of this emerging technology and the infrastructure surrounding it. It is of utmost importance to set the stage the right way early on by developing standards and protocols for companies using this technology, and to work closely with regulators to ensure the safety of people around robotics. Aurora Aerial’s employees share an enthusiasm for discovery and a passion for drone technology. We are thrilled to be part of this initiative, and look forward to contributing with our strong network of researchers and idea people.”

The global Drone Logistics Ecosystem intends to bring together the great minds of the industry to facilitate collaboration of multidisciplinary innovators from around the world. A feather in its cap, Aurora Aerial’sinvolvement in the Drone Logistics Ecosystem will support the development of commercial drone hardware and software system technology within the realm of logistics. By creating an international sharing platform, this network of intelligentsia will stimulate the progress of the industry by giving participating innovators a level playing field from which to share and receive crucial information as well as groundbreaking novel data.